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Shortly after his discharge from the Navy, William Wimmer joined the Army and found himself in the Pacific area again for occupation duty in Japan with the 724th Ordnance Maintenance Company.  During World War II, he was at Bobon Point, Leyte as a Motor Machinist Mate 3/c at PT Boat Base 17. It was the largest base of its kind during the war, accommodating 212 boats. At the end of hostilities and immediate need to reduce the armed forces, 121 boats were intentionally burned to minimize the expense to maintain them.

When the 24th Division rushed to Korea in the first days of July 1950, Wimmer sailed over with nervous excitement. The 724th moved up and down the peninsula during the dark days of the summer of 1950. It wasn’t until August when the company finally had a chance to sit down for a minute and service vehicles and equipment appropriately. William received the Bronze Star for his service when it was given as a blanket award to all members of the 24th Division. The mass distribution should not undermine his service, as the award is very well deserved for what these guys went through during that summer.


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