From object acquisition, investments in research and resources,  and materials care and maintenance, this project has always been funded wholly and independently by the collector.  If you believe in the value of this project or have found the digital resources useful, any contribution will help keep this website running and the collection growing.  This will also fuel the digital initiative in acquiring, cataloguing and scanning original materials found in the Library & Archives.



In an effort to continue building a digital library, please reach out if you have any of the following materials to loan or contribute to this project.  It can be costly, time consuming, and sometimes fruitless tracking these resources down and they aid immensely in research, preservation, and story telling.

- Photographs, color slides, etc.

- Rosters

- Yearbooks

- Unit Histories and War Diaries

- General Orders

- Special Orders

- Original Maps

- Narratives and Recordings

- Casualty Lists

- Awards and Decorations Lists

Contact the collector if you have anything of interest to offer to the project.  Uniforms, medals, groupings and more with provenance, supporting documents, or a glimmer of research and a story are always sought after.