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Corporal | Infantry


Like many veterans of the war, Bill did not talk much about his experiences.  I acquired this incredible group directly from his daughter.  She was kind enough to share what she remembered about her father as well as provide wonderful photos of him before and during his service in Korea.  Bill was an ace mechanic, aptly assigned as a wheeled vehicle mechanic by the Army and worked on the vehicles of Service Company, 31st Infantry. In one of the photos he seems to be happily working under the hood, 'in his machine shop' as the caption says.


As for the uniforms themselves, these are some of the cleanest examples I have seen!  Bill had great taste as well.  The Ike jacket is a private purchase officer's quality jacket, with Japanese made 31st Infantry crests, 'Korea' tab,  and Combat Infantry Badge.  The ribbon bar is the unique domed lucite style.  What I found to be of particular interest were his khaki shirts, as they both have Japanese made chevrons that I have never seen before in khaki.  On the one private purchase shirt, he has another Japanese made 'Korea' tab and a single overseas bar in white instead of the usual yellow.

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