Sergeant | Military Police

During World War II, the heroics of Audie Murphy inspired many boys to become fascinated with service in the military.  The allure of such gallantry and comradery led to Warren "Gene" Sessler finding a home with Murphy's own 15th Infantry Regiment in 1953.  Though combat was stagnant with the peace talks ever looming over the war in the trenches, the remote Outpost Harry was not quiet and cost the 3d Division dearly to hold it through the month of June.  Night after night and through the day, the Chinese threw thousands of rounds of artillery against the hill.  It became a legendary battle of the Korean War for both the Americans and Greeks who were there.  On the first night, June 10-11, Sessler held out on the hilltop with such vigor that he was later awarded the Silver Star medal.  He managed to avoid injury, but later in July was evacuated for his wounds.  Though he desperately wanted to return to C Company, 15th Infantry he was ultimately reassigned to Military Police duty in Japan.


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