First Lieutenant | Signal Corps


Lt. Rogers began his military service in March 1947 when he enlisted in the Navy reserves.  He stayed in the Navy until November 16, 1948 and the next day joined the Army National Guard with the hopes of getting into the aviation field.  His first assignment was with the 154th Fighter Squadron.  By August 1949, however, he was dropped from the rolls and reassigned.  He had previously worked as a medical technician with the Public Health Service for two years and as a recruit was assigned as a Medical Technician with the Arkansas National Guard's 39th Division.


On April 6, 1951 Jimmie was called up for active duty and left the National Guard for the Regular Army.  After attending medical leadership school at Fort Sam Houston, Cpl. Rogers departed for the Far East on Christmas Eve 1951.  Despite his experience in the medical field, he was initially assigned as a cook to the 529th Petrol Company, 3d Division.  This company received and stored class III supplies and distribute them to units under command of I and X Corps.  Class III supplies include fuels, lubricants, hydraulic and insulating oils, preservatives, coolants, deicer and antifreeze, coal and more.  The supplies that keep an army moving forward.  The 529th established and operated sixteen supply points across Korea. Because of the units close vicinity to the front, the 529th often prepared their own defenses against hostile actions, a task which the unit was neither equipped nor organized to perform. When it became impossible to transport supplies by rail and road to the forward combat elements, the company could air drop supplies to units in remote areas.


After he returned home from the war on March 27, 1953 he continued his career in the Army reserves and Arkansas National Guard, completing Officer Canidate School and after a branch reassignment in  February 1958, serving with D Company, 212th Signal Battalion.  Lt. Rogers briefly trained as a helicopter pilot, fulfilling his interest in flying.  Thanks to his son, I was able to aquire this group to preserve his story.


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