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Behind every item is a story waiting to be told.  Need help identifying a piece from your collection or learning more about a veteran?  Use the form provided to start a project.  I am no longer asking for compensation, but always welcome donations to help support the acquisition of new research and reference materials.

Please include as much information as you can and mention if you have photos.  I will reply promptly and keep you updated throughout the research process.

Resources of particular interest:

- Identification from 4 digit laundry mark

- Locating citations for awards and decorations

- USAAF & USAF award card text search

      - Ability to use laundry number, service number,

         name, rank, unit and retrieve citations

- Marine Corps muster rolls detailing day to day activity

- Unit rosters from WWI, WWII, and Korea

- Newspaper articles from the period

Thanks! Request submitted.

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