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Between World War II and Korea, Roy built a very distinguished record.  He was decorated twice for his service in World War II, once being bestowed with the Navy Cross for action at Vella Gulf.  In Korea, he rushed immediately to the hostile waters to serve as operations officer on the staff of the Commander, Naval Forces Far East.  For the next year he worked tirelessly to solve naval problems relating to shore bombardment, mine sweeping, blockades, aerial warfare and amphibious operations.  After a two year break from the combat theater, he commanded the U.S.S. Piedmont in August 1953 and sailed for Korean waters again from 1 April 1954 to 27 July 1954.  In addition to its own Naval ships, the Piedmont provided tender services to ships of Canada, Colombia, New Zealand, South Korea and Thailand.  The Minister of National Defense for South Korea, Won Yil Sohn, decorated Roy with the Order of Military Merit for his service in the defense and development of Korea in the post war period.


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