Private First Class | Quartermaster Corps


The total strength of the South Atlantic Command during the war numbered at less than one thousand excluding a composite force on Ascension Island. However, this small amount of servicemen spread over bases throughout Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay that served as stops for ferrying routes for the Army.  The eastern most tip of Brazil reached out at Vichy French held Africa just 1,619 nautical miles away.

The area was a tropical paradise for Omer who grew up in Connecticut and had never experienced the warm ocean air or palm trees before.  He spent much of his downtime fishing in the green waters.  The remainder of his service below the equator was spent supporting the immense logistics of moving materiel to the allies in North Africa and into Europe.

Omer's service is generally a mystery - the South Atlantic Command patch gives the greatest clues to his journey during the war.  Even his records do not tell much. Regardless, it is a small glimpse into the large part of World War II often overshadowed by ground pounding combat or at sea or in the air.


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