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Hospital Corpsman | Fleet Marine Force


During the month of December 1952, the corpsmen of 1st Battalion, 5th Marines had already received several Purple Hearts and a few evacuated for those wounds.  Assignment as a corpsman seemed as if it could be a dangerously short job for Homer.  Soon he was accompanying patrols into noman's land rather than just issuing foot powder for sore feet.  Three days before embarking on an important raid, he wrote to his mother to tell her...then his letters stopped coming.

Another Marine was able to contact Mrs. Estella Hadley to let her know that her son was okay.  He had been stuck by shell fragments in both arms, legs, and over his back.  Despite his serious condition, he maintained consciousness and gave instructions on how to administer first aid.  His calm grit might have saved his life.


He received treatment for his wounds at the Naval Hospital in Yokosuka, where he was congratulated by Capt. G. E. Stahr, commander of the hospital, who presented Hadley with his Purple Heart medal.

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